We are a group of 8-17 year olds who write letters, create art, and make cards for seniors across the country to brighten their day and say, "We're thinking about you and sending you love."

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Updated June 2021


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We are making cards and writing letters out of love and while there is no expectation of a return message, we continue to receive words of encouragement from the seniors and elders we support.


Thank you for sharing your time, compassion and creativity!

The elders in our community truly appreciate your handmade, handwritten letters. I am happy to deliver whatever you and the young artists send. Please do ask me for the envelopes and stamps if it's helpful though. 

Your, and the kids, commitment to inclusion and kindness means so much. Thank you, from my heart to yours for the beautiful pictures. 

The letters and drawing created by you and the kids you work with are beautifully done. Thank you for thinking of our residents.

My goodness, I am just in awe of the support you are already providing your community!  Mail from children is so precious to elders who haven't been able to see their grand and great grandkids for so long.

The drawings and letters brought so much light and happiness to the residents. I overheard Merna reading it to all the other residents in the dining area, sharing the love!

Hazel said, "What wonderful children are out there!" on seeing the drawings and messages.

Thank you for taking time during your studies to support these young artists. I think it's so important to share your time and experience with your community; the younger folks are learning from your example.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate the time and effort you all put into sharing the art with elders. Also, everyone in our office has looked at the art and it's put smiles on all faces.

Thank you so much for taking time to create and send so much love and joy to our patients. Your leadership in kindness, love, and compassion are truly needed in this world. Please share with the young kids that you mentor how important their gift of letters and pictures are to us and our patients at Heart of Hospice. Never stop spreading love and kindness.

Irene is an amazing 94 year old lady with a wonderful smile. She enjoys adult coloring books and will often send a picture to the office for those of us she isn't able to see in person. She has a great love of fantasy, so we made sure the unicorn picture went to her. Irene almost cried with joy when I gave her the picture and card...

Thank you for sharing your time with older adults during this time of uncertainty. The cards and letters bring our residents so much joy!

And so many more...

ART, cards, and LETTERS, MADE with love